Heat of the Moment

Everyday Life on a Changing Planet

Climate change will alter the lives of everyone on earth.

It’s changing how people live and eat. It’s reshaping national economies. It’s wiping out species.

We set out to collect stories from people who are already confronting these problems.


Heat of the Moment is a long-term project about climate change, led by WBEZ Chicago. We decided to tackle the topic because the way climate change is reshaping our daily lives isn’t always clear in the stories we see and read. It can feel like it’s about far away places and the distant future. It can seem like it’s a conversation for global conferences and scientists. It’s easy to be bored, distracted or overwhelmed.

We wanted to change that. So we set out to collect stories of everyday life on our changing planet.

You can listen to the full series here. Check back online and on air for new stories every Wednesday.


Lead Producer: Shannon Heffernan
Editor: Cate Cahan
Digital Producer: Andrew Gill
Production Assistant: Katherine Nagasawa
Vice President of Content and Programing, WBEZ: Ben Calhoun

Editorial Advisers: Alex Kotlowitz, Katie Davis, Soren Wheeler
Partners: The Takeaway, National Public Radio and iSee Change

Support for Heat of the Moment is provided by The Joyce Foundation, working to improve quality of life, promote community vitality, and achieve a fair society.